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iPhone SE Wont Ring or Vibrate on incoming calls only

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  • iPhone SE Wont Ring or Vibrate on incoming calls only

    I have a customer who went for a motorcycle ride with his phone in his pocket. It started raining and the phone got slightly wet. It is a Jailbroken phone as he is a software engineer. After the slight water damage he noticed that on incoming calls the phone would not ring or vibrate. He reset the phone several times and had no luck with the issue. I opened up the phone and found no signs of water damage at all. I tried another screen on the phone and no change. The vibrator works with the switch and the speaker and headphone jack works fine. Checked all of the settings. I'm not sure if I should be looking at board level. Has anyone had this happen before?

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    Rule out charge port


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      Checked the basic things on the phone. This customer tells me its his only form of communication so he couldn't leave the phone so I checked what I could especially where I thought water could enter. I looked at schematics trying to find some relationship between the vibrator and speaker like maybe a chip they both connect to. Its hard to diagnose something without the phone and then he sends me a text saying hes now getting duplicate messages even though he has it set up for one. This is more confusing. Thanks for the help anyway. Hard to figure out without the phone in hand.