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LCD Flickering After Board Repair

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  • LCD Flickering After Board Repair

    Hello! This has been a recurring issue for me. It doesn't happen most of the time but it last repair was an iPhone 6 no service (no imei), I did the repair and when I got it to turn on, it was a black apple logo with a white background. At this point the LCD was at max brightness so I couldn't tell until it wen to the lock screen. The only time when I couldn't see the backlight flickering is either when the LCD is at max brightness or very low brightness. Is this because of the amount of heat that the board received?? Would it go away eventually or should the LCD be replaced?

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    That used to happen all the time when the iPhone 5 was commonly repaired. The legend is that it was static induced or from not powering off the device before a job. Setting the screen at max brightness and leaving it like that for an hour or two will return the display to normal.