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How to test mesa circuits and touch id

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  • How to test mesa circuits and touch id

    As the title says how do I test all the circuits when the button itself is dead? I have this water damaged phone, I fixed it all and I think fixed mesa and touch id stuff too. Checked the fpc with diode mode, replaced the mesa ldo and checked the booster capacitors to be sure they are not shorted. The button is a goner after water damage (gets boiling hot) and the customer will send it for screen replacement to apple but I need to be sure the circuits are all OK before they pair a new button. Thank you

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    There is not much you can do with a heating button, it is gone. Send it in to apple's.

    Cheers, TVtechcellphone


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      That's what I said in the post..

      I just said that I need a way to make sure the mesa circuit is fine before sending it to apple for a screen replacement (screen replacement =new touch id). Fpc area had wd and I think I fixed it but I cannot be sure. And if it still has issues then apple cannot pair a new touch id..


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        Touch ID uses 20V and LDO voltage, and one more if I recall correctly. Got ZXW? You could check voltages using multi-meter with touch ID connector disconnected?

        Cheers, TVtechcellphone