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New "loop" wifi module short: Symptoms Dead iphone.

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  • New "loop" wifi module short: Symptoms Dead iphone.

    I noticed that people does not knew well enough iphone especially "dead" that turned out to be wifi module internal short in certain way that prevented iphone from becoming alive. This process of so called "wifi loop death" can be explained.

    Most people who take care of customers don't know fully to recognize the specific symptoms or less knowledgeable techs would either see iphone come alive again by changing still good battery (completely drained, I'll explain in a moment), and see a iphone working well but if one is smart to notice few signs that points to internal shorted wifi by doing several checks and know the symptoms:

    Comes in dead, lightning cord plugged in, no current at all usually, zero according to USB current meter, even sometimes you see a bad tristar, blown caused by worried owners using new dangerous fake lightning cable trying to revive dead iphones and give up and take it in for repair.

    Keep in mind:nearly, I noticed, all customers did not mention about wifi a problem as many use iphone as phones only is what trips us up (repair dept) at first before that for awhile.

    Your initial diagnosis by good tech or smart guys:
    Either DCPS or use a test pre-charged battery, now iphone come alive normal, charging fine on test pre-charged battery, everything working great, except one point, part that is important that techs must check: Does that wifi is working properly or not? That important diagnostic step.

    What is happened is owner notices the battery is drained before iphone dies, and plugs in just in time during the day or left the iphone alone by choice or no choice, or forgotten, the shorted wifi draws on battery now draining uncontrollably and finally drains beyond battery's limit and battery then goes into protected mode by shutting battery itself down. Now finds the iphone is totally dead, unresponsive, plugs it in to recharge now still unresponsive. Reason for this, tigris refuses to source current to both dead battery and shorted wifi module. CPU turns wifi on few times first and starts charging battery too, next pulling too much current on both made tigris to cut out on overcurrent, instantly.

    Techs who don't microsolder is check the usb current, in my case it was about 1.6 to 1.8A if the phone wakes up and charges, not the under 1.5A for fast charging mode with many iphones with good wifi module, most iphones with typical dumb usb charger charges at 1A or less is also normal. Feel the area where wifi module is located, other side is, no problem as this creates enough heat.

    Points to watch out with bad wifi module: no short on the VCC_MAIN, hot spot in the FPC connectors area (6, 6S), hot spot under front cam FPC (iphone 7) on the motherboard, wifi pulses for short time, hot! board removed from frame, pre-charged battery or DCPS is enough, no need for test screen attached, hooked to the motherboard, touch the wifi module. If using DCPS via battery connector, before prompt you should see less than .3A (bad wifi short is about .9A in pulses (still, before prompt to boot), will be much higher when at home screen and back to .9A when sleeping), also is wifi IC scorching Hot? Yes? Good. Now the meat of the subject:

    Reason: I knew the wifi is powered on in cycles several times even iphone is off but with shorted wifi, iphone somehow knew and cycled on and off with no end in sight (before prompt to boot) from watching what it is doing with DCPS and by touch for heat on that wifi module.

    I removed short in the wifi module with two 6S: one restored to full function and other one had to have a small rectangular IC (the source of short) dug out of the wifi left iphone with 5GHz wifi only and everything else back to normal and still on original battery and charging properly and not draining anymore, and I did not manually recharge the discharged battery either.

    Cheers, Jason