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iphones Testing for outputs from PMIC

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  • iphones Testing for outputs from PMIC

    I have ZXW tools.
    I have a dead phone - specifically an iphone 6 plus. Before I go replacing PMIC I want to be sure it is PMIC.
    I need to test for outputs from PMIC. Ideally a list of testpoints with voltages to check for to apply my probes to. Is there anywhere in zxw tools/microfish that facilitates this, shows a list of power rails with their respective voltages? Or anywhere in ZXW tools that may give a starting point to faciltate this? If not where do I need to go?


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    What makes you think the PMIC might need replacing? That would be a rare failure point, what is pointing you in that direction?

    Our approach to fixing phones is more physician, less systematic.

    There should be a sticky post that tells you how to present your case like a physician. My advice---tell us the history of the device and problem, results of physical and electrical exam (which means overall DC power supply behavior) and then let's devise a differential diagnosis of "How did it come to be this way?"

    The schematic is where you want to be spending time when you're learning, not so much zxw--that's just a map to help you quickly find spots you're interested in from the schematic.

    Where on the schematic is the PMIC? What are it's inputs? What are it's outputs? What controls and regulates it?
    From that study, you will be able to answer your question if you felt that it would be worthwhile to measure all pmic outputs right now---that would probably be an inefficient approach to a dead phone, and probably waste a lot of time. However, if you're a beginner it isn't a terrible idea to take that approach a time or two.


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      The 0mA current draw on prompt to boot to me suggests the phone is not getting power.. But I get the point. just because PMIC supplies power rails to the phone it doesn't necessarily mean the problem is PMIC. maybe I need to trace right back to what happens when the power button is pressed and work from there? Pressing the power button sends a PWR_ON signal to a pad on PMIC to 'wake up' Maybe it's this signal I need to be looking for first. Is the power button working as it should? Is PMIC receiving the signal to wake up?


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        0.00A is always a connection problem or failure to prompt the phone to boot. It’s not a real result. Troubleshoot your connection and prompt.


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          A connection problem ...... then that means somewhere there is an open. I am hunting for an open and the logical and simplest approach is to start at the connection where the phone powers on and work from there.


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            Your squid isn’t connected well, your dock isn’t connected well, you aren’t grounding the power button, the device can’t detect usb—-there’s nothing complex here. Something isn’t plugged in well. Just press on it or get a different dock etc until you see activity. 0.00A = “user error”