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iphone 6s hung on an apple logo

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  • iphone 6s hung on an apple logo

    The owner complained that this iphone 6s wouldn't turn on. At some stage it has suffered impact - two nasty scraping dings at the top of the frame. The LCD was working but faulty - replaced it. . Actually tested it working for an entire week and it was fine but suddenly whilst on a phone call shutdown and there-after suffered random shutdowns and restarts progressively becoming more frequent. Also along it's progressive decline didn't seem to charge or read the battery charge level consistently. From 27% Would drain to about 23% then shutdown reboot coming back again at 27% Or read 1% and suddenly read 27%. Now later, after been stowed away for several weeks, when connected to a charger via USB ammeter it boots but it is hung on the apple logo current draw from 20mA progressing to differing levels up to a maximum of 230mA and then it reboots and restarts the whole sequence. I'm inclined to think it may be a problem with the charging circuit. Any suggestions?

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    Like every repair--start with rule #1---this is NOT A BOARD PROBLEM---until you know for sure that it is not a parts problem


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      For me that means taking the motherboard out connecting it to DC power supply,prompting to boot. If it still boot loops, I'll know for sure it's not a parts problem, I'll change tristar. But First I'll connect to itunes and see if I can get the phone into DFU mode as is .If I can I'll reinstall software just in case it's boot looping because of a software corruption. Is that what you'd do?


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        What I would do is assume that this is bad battery or damaged connection of the battery to the board, plastic in the battery connector etc. I would rule that out---hence my suggestion of Rule #1.
        After battery, I would assume charge port until that is ruled out.

        After I've proven that this is indeed a board problem, then I'd follow the BATT_SWI line which carries the gas gauge battery data information on the schematic and think about what the most likely failure point would be on that line. The clue of battery percentage sporadic would be the clue that I would follow first.