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zxwtools I'm over these guys

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  • zxwtools I'm over these guys

    Not a question. - just a rant! Was using zxwtools just a half hour ago and suddenly I get a message from the app stating that it was interrupted and that I need to restart. Ok sure. When I restart I get a pop up box (mainly in Chinese) with some English in the wording of there's a new version that needs to be downloaded. There are two buttons (with text in Chinese) only one is enabled however... I click it and zxwtools shuts down. I go to the zxwtools website and.....sure enough a new version has been uploaded today. When I click to download using my high speed internet connection it downloads at 546 bytes/sec and bombs out. So thanks to these bastards forcing an update before you can use the app for which they don't provide sufficient server capacity(I assume EVERYBODY with zxwtools is in the same boat as I and trying to download the update) I've lost access to zxw. WTF! As soon as a decent alternative becomes available these guys will lose my business!

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    Today and exactly the same scenario. I open up zxw and am forced to download yet another update. ZXW bombs and I cant use it until download the update. Once again their server is saturated and the update download bombs out. 2nd time in a row. This is getting a bit much!