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Screwy Mistake

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  • Screwy Mistake

    When I take apart a phone, i draw a diagram on a sheet of copy paper, i lay the screws in their respective holes that i draw. This time i forgot to move the paper and reached for my hot air, blowing the screws into a mixed up pile on the desk. Some stayed near their holes others did not making it uncertain as to what goes where. Any ideas on the best way to sort out the screws and put this iPhone 6+ back together?

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    To prevent screw ups like this you need to use some kind of magnet mat--not copy paper! We use these:

    To get this device back in shape you'll need a pair of digital calipers, measure each screw and follow the iFixit Guide to get them each back to their home. Or get another 6 plus and lay out the screws standing on their heads and match them up. Or buy one of these and just start over--these come with some screws in them.