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Aliexpress orders during covid 19 and what Aliexpress DONT tell you

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  • Aliexpress orders during covid 19 and what Aliexpress DONT tell you

    Buying on aliexpress has always been like taking a walk in the jungle anyway but....
    Currently Aliexpress are using singapore post as their Aliexpress standard shipping.Also be aware that many Aliexpress sellers are advertising epacket 13-20 days delivery but then also sending singapore post. If you see the dreaded SG in your tracking that's singapore post. So you Paid $$$ for epacket and got singapore post? Suck it up Princess!

    The Singapore post(ALIEXPRESS Standard shipping)tracking states on Aliexpress are a ton of bullshit....
    You'll even see a little timeline showing your order has left the country! WRONG!
    Hand Over to the Airline = item pending international transport availability!
    DepartedCountry of origin - = item pending international transport availability!

    this is what you need to see!!
    Despatched to overseas(Country code eg US, AU) until then.....

    The current reality with singapore post is that your order sits at posting status for nearly two months before it actually gets loaded on a plane! Which means you could be waiting for three months(or more) before you see it! . If, like me, in the past you've been in the habit of making drib and drab orders of useful 'tiny' stuff and using epacket as a cost effective form of shipping this is not the time to do it! I suggest instead you try to collect as many of your phone related purchasing needs as you can into a single bundle with the one seller(doesn't mater if he's charging a little more - focusing on tiny dollars and cents= false economy) and then choose a courier service eg EMS. Yes it's more expensive but right now it's the only way to be sure that you get your order within a reasonable timeframe ie 1-3 weeks instead of 3 months plus!