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Galaxy S7 Edge Uk

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  • Galaxy S7 Edge Uk

    Have been watching youtube video's for many months in order to learn how to repair samsung logic boards. I have always toyed around with electronics and find the miniturisation in phones facinating. Many of the repairs are started by attempting to power up the boards directly onto the battery connector with a 4.2 volt power supply. As that board connector also supplies information via two data lines from a battery to the main processor how can the board hope to boot up without any battery data being transmitted to the processor? There is also great emphasis on finding shorted components IC's /caps by finding hot components. I have working boards for reference with shield removed where power IC'get so hot that they are extremely hot to the touch and radiate their heat to surrounding components so diagnosis by this method on a faulty board is extremely difficult. I was wondering whether this is limited to samsung and Iphone components on working phones are much cooler.

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    no. we use the same techniques for samsung as we do for iPhone. Once you are extremely proficient at iPhone board repair, you apply a lot of the knowledge base to Samsung problems where we have to recognize circuitry by pattens and inference based on deeper understanding of the way mobile phones generally work from iPhones