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Screw/parts organization

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  • Screw/parts organization

    Here recently things have been hectic with our job shelf. Screws sliding around/off the magnet pads or someone misplacing or mixing up unique and specific parts to devices. Kinda curious if anyone has any good ideas for organizing everything so nothing gets twisted up. Thanks in advance

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    We couldn't live without the iPad Rehab magnet trays. Every single device gets its own magnet tray that stays with the device at all times and we use a sticker label to label the tray with the ticket number. When we are busy enough to have a disassembly person, they put all screws for each phone on one of these magnet trays, and then stack them in a set of 5 and file them in a plastic parts bin with the ticket number on the front of the bin. This way the screws are kept "locked up" until the device is queued for reassembly and no screws are missing.