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galaxy s 7 active replacement screen no image just colored lines

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  • galaxy s 7 active replacement screen no image just colored lines

    Working on replacing a s7 active screen. I have tried two screens from two different companies. Both look like the attached photo. The second screen i finally got and image and entered the passcode. The screen locked up after that. When i replaced it again it went back to no image just a pattern of lines. Has anyone seen this before? Other forums say that Mark Shaffer had the answer to this. Dont know if this is true or not. Thanks

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    Hey Cora,
    As a forum subscriber, try posting in the iPhone section (even though this is a galaxy). We don't always see every post made in this section. I remember that we did recently have a frozen image s7, i'll ask mark if he's ever seen this problem. In general it is not unreasonable to try and troubleshoot image starting at the connector.


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      Thanks Jessa.

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      Thanks for the clarification. mobdro
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