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  • TV repair forum

    I'm wondering if anyone know a a good tv repair forum? I hoping to find a good place where I could speak with other knowledgable people that has a decent understanding of electronic components. So far, we mostly have to replace whatever board we find to be bad on the TV, but I want us to get good a repairing the boards themselves. We are having some success finding some signature issues with certain brands, but the process is always faster when many people join forces!

    I hoping to find a quality forum like this one, and I don't mind paying a reasonable monthly fee if needed. So far every forum I go see the first post I check sounds like this " I have xxxxx TV with xxxxxx problem, I not trained in electronics, but I have a multimeter and i'm not afraid to use it" then it is answered with someone else saying slmething like " according to Youtube, you may have a bad ****** "

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    I fix around 5 tvs per months. There are tons of guide online. It is usually the same stuff, shorted output diodes, dead smps, desoldered cpu if it is a LG. Not a self sustainable buisness but any extra is welcomed


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      We can have 5 to 15 TVs in the shop at any point in time, and we live in a town of just about 7000 people. 1 out of 2 people I speak with has a TV that needs repairing.

      I appreciate the response but saying there are tons of guide online, and that it is always the same stuff is kinda of a funny answer coming from someone that is part of a cellphone repair forum. There are a tons of guides about cellphone online and the problems are usually the same stuff, even when it comes to board repairs, so why are you part of this forum? Because the devil is in the details.

      the difficult part about TV repairs is getting parts. I don't qualify eBay as a suitable supplier. That's why we are focusing on repairing the boards instead of swapping them.
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        I did find a really good book called troubleshooting and repairing switch mode power supplies by Jestine Yong yesterday.
        Thr book is around $40, and there a some link on google that will give you the book at no cost. I'm about half wat through the book and I would highly reccomend it to anybody that works in electronic repairs. It has much focus on tv smps, but the concept is also applicable to other kinds of smps.

        Now I'm excited to go back to work tomorrow and see if we can fix all those smps that we ended up swapping.


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          I just found this forum listed at the end of the book. Looks like it has good categories and a good community


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            The devil is in the detail but you do not have to do data recovery and have married components. When a board repair takes more than a hour it becomes cheaper to buy a board. Anyway I have been doing fine without schematics so I will be happy to help when I can


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              That is true that we're not doing data recoveries, but for us ,in Canada anyways, having access to a part supplier is difficult. The nice thing about doing tv repairs is that people buy their tv with the actually money instead of paying it through a contract so we noticed that most of them realise the price and value of their tv unlike cellphones, and are often much quicker to accept paying over $100 for a repair on a TV then a cellphone.

              I'm kinda of surprised of how much demand there is for these and how much more people a willing to spend to get these fixed.

              If a board cost $120 to 150 (yes some are much cheapet than that too) and we would charge $175 - $200 for the board and labor. We can charge a little less then that and fix the board that is already there with components that cost $0.10 to $5 making it much more profitbale for us, cheaper for the customer, and quicker too if we have must of those components in stock.

              The only variable that needs to be mastered is to troubleshoot the board within 1hr of labor. That's where a good forum can become a good tool for this.

              Anyways, sorry about my first comment I know it came off as being a bit rude. I just though it was a bit ironic...



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                I can relate and hi from Canada too!, my former job was tv, some consumer stuff & computer repair: That said, most of time it is LCD panel or power supply issues. Take up on LCD monitor repair as well, you will make people happy by rebuilding the SMPS board as they often have capacitor decayings after few years.

                I forgot; you can advertise repairing GPU cards! Sometimes users made accident and tear off SMD components, capacitors fails too and reflow memory or GPU.

                ESR meter for checking health of low ESR electrolytic and typical electrolytic capacitors in signal paths.
                high watt soldering iron station. 60-150W direct heat tip or high frequency induction heating tips design. I worked with Weller 24W stations for several years and I recommend against that now. Poor indirect resistive heater design cause weller's irons to lag and fail to melt more till it catches up 30 seconds later. That damages boards this way. I now have induction heated quick QK202D station 90W but tips is limited I recommend Quick 3205 as it has cross compatible tips with different makers and much better tip selection. Metalcal, Hakko induction heated and, Thermaltronics. But these few does not have more than 40W handles.

                Sometimes you will have noise on the motherboard (the main CPU/scaler kind that take inputs of both video and audio, remote inputs as well) due to noisy power circuit on these, need scope for that.

                Second, you will need to stock up on low ESR capacitors made for SMPS and digital mainboard, Any SMD electrolytic can be torn off (using pliers, grab top of cap can, crushing little for better grip and press down while twisting back and forth few times like turning a cylindrical knob till leads snaps off) and remove soldered lead remains. I take a low esr capacitor and bend two leads 90 degrees close to the capacitor body but leave room for thick soldering tip to fit under. Solder it in with high watt soldering iron station 60-150W. Durable and works much better, I done this all the time even on few scaler boards for one model that requires about 50-60 capacitors in total. You'll not see this anymore as this was for rear projection cabinet.

                You will need to stock up on high speed diodes made for SMPS substitutes, this will work out for most cases except for few that needs special part ordered like T220 style diodes)
                Sometimes SMPS self-destruct and take out few components usually due to decayed low quality low ESR capacitors, keep some components for these as well.

                That why I have "TVtech-" in my avatar name.

                Cheers, TVtechcellphone
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                  Does it say "TV Repair Forum", who owns it in 2018?


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                    Just here to spam a lot
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                      I am no expert at fixing a TV but a forum would be cool.


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                        Yes it would be great to have a TV repair forum but smart TVs now right. Different software and hardware issues and knowledge like using a VPN on smart TVs like Express or PureVPN or hideme. Using a firestick with the TV etc.

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                          yes i am also mobdro
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                            I am also surprised of how much demand there is for these and how much more people a willing to spend to get these fixed. roblox tutorials mobdro


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                              i've seen some useful forums on reddit. wendy's lunch time
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