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    I had to beat the dead horse a bit more on the apple forum (I'm a long time viewer of ipad rehab, and louis rossmann). But beating the horse a bit more, they are now intrested in data on how recoverble water damage are, and are intressted to know the extend of the water damage to date recoverbility. Could we collective make a spreadsheet to gather those data, and they _might_ see it is mostly data recoverble?

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    Hi Affa,
    Just out of curiousity, why do you say they are now interested in data?
    What kind of spreadsheet are you thinking of making?


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      Before I give them any kind of data, I'm concerned about who the hell Michael Black is. According to his profile, he is an evolutionary biologist/toxicologist in North Carolina.
      So he's this guy. But I can't fathom how anyone with enough academic reasoning to complete a PhD could be so blind as to insist (as he has done for years) that practical logic board is impossible for the sake of data recovery. These wars have been going on for YEARS--here he is spouting the same nonsense back in 2017.
      In the meantime, he either never bothered to look into 'is what they are saying true' or he was not convinced by our constant YouTube livestreams. That doesn't make sense to me, something feels wrong here.

      I notice he mentions secure enclave a lot. I'd hate to think he's actually this guy and we are getting trolled.


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        I've searched to find any info ablut apple wanting to get into data recovery, but I don't see anything.

        But obviously then know it's 100% possible, this is just every day electronic repairs, but really, really small. It does not change the fact that it is just everyday electronic repair. If youn repair the problem, then obviously you will get access to the data and recover functionality.

        It's absurd to think that they can engineer a cellphone, but not realize that if you replace the broken component that the phone will work again.

        If only they would stop lying about the fact that they are other businesses that can help those customers even if they don't want to do it. It is kinda of sickning when you think about lost valuable data just because they don't want to offer that service, and wont reffer them anywhere else, lie and SELL them another phone on top of that.

        We know that Apple send some phones to be refurbished, obviously they know about board repairs...
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          This is what I think is going on:

          Apple Core Value = Nothing is more important than data SECURITY.

          All Apple decision will protect the perception that your data is 100% secure on an Apple device.

          But what happens if you believe that a water damaged phone is "dead" because that is what Apple told you. You turn in your phone that is not passcode protected under the belief that there is no way to get data.
          Apple can NOT let you become aware that some guy in a back room somewhere could kick off a capacitor and now he's looking at pictures of your daughter.

          So they say "not recoverable" and when pressed, they say "recoverable in a clean room if you have thousands of dollars" They can never endorse the perception that it is recoverable by people like us working in the back of cell phone repair shops not even wearing gloves. The idea that the separation between a dead board and full access to data is a couple hundred bucks MUST BE SQUASHED.


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            I am Yamini and I am new to the Forum.


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            Thanks you!


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              Will the Apple Watch 4 work in Cambodia with any or all of the networks? Can you pair it with your current number, or do you need to get a separate number for it to work independently?
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                I have a question regarding if an Apple mobile fall on the water and the next second what will happen to the phone?
                It will work or will not work?


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                  I have a doubt on that if our iPhone falls on water or mistakenly coffee or tea pour on the mobile. What will happen after that for the iPhone?


                  • Jessa_the_Professa
                    Jessa_the_Professa commented
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                    It will either work or not work. There is no crystal ball to tell.

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                  Thanks for the information.


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                    There is any new launch of an iPhone?


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                      I have bought an iPhone for me...It's working good and the cameras are bright to use. Thank you.


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