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iPad Air 1 locks itself randomly

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  • iPad Air 1 locks itself randomly

    Hi All
    fixed an iPad Air 1 with new Digitiser, customer returned it saying that the iPad randomly locks itself while in use. What could be the issue? Could the replacement digitiser be causing this?

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    Whenever you replace something and there's a new problem then it is "the thing you just did"---until you've ruled that out. This one is the part until you prove that it is not.


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      I notice even when browsing the web in safari (just basic sites, like truenas documentation, for example) and one eight minute YouTube video in app that my battery drops 20%. I’ve only had it for six days, so essay writer I still need to find out more, but it doesn’t really seem to be that tanky battery I expected.

      Please let me know if I have any confirmation bias or what’s going on. I would honestly like to hear experiences from other iPad Air 4 users.

      So far I’m loving this device, it’s my second iPad since the iPad 4! The pencil is really cool
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