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  • Microscope video-recording help

    Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to set up my microscope camera for the past 2 years (I’ve got the amscope microscope) 😀
    First of all I bought the camera by itself, I later found out that I need an extra hdmi box to connect it to the computer, so I bought it. Then I found out that I need a special software on my computer so I googled and downloaded it. Then I found out that I need a reduction on the microscope so that I can screw the camera in, so I bought that and thought I have everything 😀 but the image from the camera is out of focus and it cannot be resolved in any way because it seems like the camera wants to be a bit further away from the microscope and the extension is already extended full length.
    So my question is, can you tell me what all you use to record a video from the microscope? 😀 so that I can buy the exact same thing and make sure it will finally work! 😀 thanks

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    All the adaptors I've tried are too short, but can usually be made to work with careful balance unscrewing both ends to the max. I've also found the Amscope guys to be very accomodating with questions, and so are the Eakins guys in China. Your setup may vary from mine because it looks like you are using the newer "photoport" trinoc port which isn't the same as mine.