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Refurbishing machine

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  • Refurbishing machine

    Hi all,

    Can anyone recommend any machines for refurbishing iPhone screens and any feedback good or bad, what the success rate is.


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    There is a large Facebook group all about lcd refurbishing. I’d ask there


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      Thanks again Jessa!


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        Refurbish a broken screen need to Testing, Separating, OCA/POL Laminating, Glass Laminating, Bubble Removing 5 steps. Let's see the detail step about refurbish Apple iPhone 6S broken screen.

        1. Gracked screen test, 3D touch ok.

        2. Cut the frame, after 15 seconds remove the frame. Adhere a tape on the cracked panel. Remove the glue of the frame, after 15 seconds heating, remove the glass. Pry the POL edge. Take care of the fingerprint sensor flex, remove the POL, remove POL manually, Gule removing

        3. POL Laminating

        LCD bottom doesn't touch the platfrom edge, replace the backlight, 8 seconds heating, piece by piece, solder the backlight

        4. OCA Laminating

        Customized mold

        5. Laminate the glass with frame

        Machine pressing, after 8 seconds bubble removing.

        15 minters later, installation test, 3D touch testing, drag the icon and slide all around the screen and White/grey/black screen checking