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Quick 861 Repair

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  • Quick 861 Repair

    Hopefully this isn't too off topic

    My new Quick was introduced to our 220V mains power before I realised this one was rated for 110V.

    Help me make it great again. The transformer is donezo. Two questions:

    1. Knowing nothing about transformers, do I have to find the exact same part/rating to replace it with, and if so where?

    2. If not, can I replace it with a 220V transformer now to save myself from myself in the future?

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    That is a great question and I'll forward it to "Bill" at Quick manufacturing. I can't imagine they haven't come across this before


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      Should work fine, as a transformer like that just changes once AC voltage to another AC voltage. As long as its the same current rating it should be fine. The only problem I can think of is the frequency of the power. Saying that I have a Crest ultrasonic cleaner the same as Jessas and run it off a 240v to 115v transformer and it works just fine, and im pretty sure that doesn't do anything to the frequency, its just literally a step down transformer inside as iv taken it to bits before. As log as the other side is getting the correct AC voltage it should work fine as long as the initial surge hasnt already fried something.