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iPad Rehab Recommended Tools and Equipment

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  • eDigitCom
    Th way I have it set up is the 0.75x directly to the microscope and the 0.5x attached to the 0.75x

    Did not try it the opposite way

    Great images this way through the eye lens and from the camera. Just has good has with a 0.5X but away more working distance

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  • crea2k
    Random question but it doesn't have a right and wrong way does it on the Barlow lens ?. Only reason I ask is of you home binoculars one way it zooms in, hold them the other way and everthing is tiny. So wasn't sure if they had to go in a particular direction ?.

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  • eDigitCom
    I got the AmScope SM-4TPZ yesterday

    Got the camera the same set up that Paul Daniels uses with the 0.35X adapter and the 0.7X Barlow lens

    I thought the 0.75X Barlow would increase the working distance from the 0.5X But I found it quite the opposite It reduced it for me??

    Maybe I am doing something wrong

    When I put the 0.5X Barlow and the 0.75X Barlow together I got a greater working distance much grater than the 0.5X on its own. Again I not know the reason

    I think I gone against the theory has with the 0.75x I am getting less working distance then the 0.5x

    I can sent an image of the working distance I am getting with the 0.5x and the 0.75x toggether if there is anyone interested in seen

    What the theory to this

    Should have my hakko fm203 and the Hakko FM2023 in a few days

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  • crea2k
    Freeze spray is freeze spray, there isn't really good or bad, it freezes pipes so it'll freeze a board no problem. You can actually get the same effect from taking an air duster can and turning it upside down.

    i use 'Gootwick' braid, think that's what Louis uses too, not sure about Jessa. TBH as long as it's flux impregnated it seems to be fine. Iv not some without flux in it and it just seems to get stuck all the time.

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  • eDigitCom
    Is that good Freeze Spray ??

    What is the best quality braid soldering (wick) to use??
    Last edited by eDigitCom; 12-15-2017, 05:15 PM.

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  • crea2k
    That's all I use, they sell it in pretty much all plumbing places.

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  • crea2k
    commented on 's reply
    It's just pipe freeze spray, they sell it in screwfix, Homebase etc in the plumbing section. It's used to freeze pipes when you don't want to turn the water off.

  • AGibb
    Nice one, I hadn't come across that, we have another service called Parcel Motel that gives me a UK address but shipping to UK from USA is just as bad as Ireland! Thanks

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  • eDigitCom
    AGibb I think maybe you are Irish. An Post have a system called AddresPal. They set up an address for you in the states. Then when you buy something in the states you use the address that AN Post gave you. From there An Post will deliver it to your door So if companies not ship-to Ireland then is the way to go. Also saves on postage if they do ship

    You can read about it from this link

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  • AGibb
    Anyone outside the US able to find the freeze spray for a reasonable price? Amazon US won't ship to Ireland or the UK (either will do). One Ebay seller that will ship to me for about 65 bucks all in...

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  • peterfixit
    my tools are as follows
    microscope (dont buy this one buy from louis)
    Hakko FR-810B from mektechstore on ebay
    Hakko FX-951 with Hakko FM-2032 from mektechstore on ebay
    Hakko FM-203 with Hakko Mini Parallel Tweezer and FM-2028
    tips, T12-DL08 T12-JS02 HT30-KN T30-J T12-BCM2 T30-I
    ultrasonic cleaner

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  • iPad Rehab Recommended Tools and Equipment

    You can find many of the tools and equipment we use every day available for purchase from iPad Rehab Supply---check it out here:

    For other tools/equipment recommendations you can visit our Amazon Affiliate links below:

    USB ammeter:
    Bona fide MFI charging cables

    Recommended microscope:
    Light ring for microscope:
    0.5x Barlow lens--to increase working distance:

    My soldering station with standard iron:
    Primary soldering tool--mini hot tweezers
    Favorite tips for mini hot tweezer:
    Favorite tip for standard iron: BC2

    ›Ultrasonic cleaning:
    Crest iphone sized cleaner:
    Branson EC cleaning fluid:

    ›Hot Air:
    My hot air station: JBC TE-1QD not available on Amazon, $1500
    Recommended station: Quick861dw:

    ›Small supplies:

    My favorite flux:
    My favorite solder:
    Kapton tape:
    My blue mat:
    Cutting board I solder on:
    Low melt alloy:

    ›Diagnostic tools:
    DC Power supply:
    Multimeter: Fluke 115
    Fine point tips for multimeter:
    Freeze spray:

    iPad Rehab is a participant in the Amazon Affiliate marketing program and may receive commission for orders placed through above amazon affiliate product links.
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