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Decent pantalope screwdriver ??

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  • Decent pantalope screwdriver ??

    Is there such a thing, can anyone reccomend one that will last more than a month without rounding off ?.

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    There is, but this cost pretty penny. Will cover all your needs and I can vouch for how durable Wiha screwdrivers are, I have one of them I bought years ago for notebook repairs and hardly worn after about 10 years. Wiha 26794 Precision Pentalobe Screwdriver Set PL1-PL6

    I prefer good tools, not swappable tips as I have to work productively, pick a tool quick in need, not search for lost tips, and I prefer slim and long screwdrivers so I can go in without pushing anything aside especially smartphones due to too wide handle.

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      Yes, the WiHa drivers are what we use as well.


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        Cool thanks


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          I wore out my cheap short pentalobe screwdriver, grind off bit of tip on the diamond few times fixed that. Funny thing prettiest cheap tri-point Y000 screwdriver wore out a day.

          The ifixit black box with aluminum handle with blue cap, tips are all soft and poorly made.

          A guy next to me at shop received his like this. Nice kit, hardened tips and made well, cap screw driver has ball bearing in it. Only problem, no Y000 tip. All these tips in the kit is standard 4mm tips.

          ebay has this if you are looking for one.


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            Yer I file a bit off the end, that extends the life a bit, would rather have one that actually didn't round off though ha ha.


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              Employer did not believe me. Thought I was being ham fisted. Absolutely not. I used to work for watch repair too, you know you don't overtighten anything?

              Diamond hone plates can be had for few dollars, I use either 320 or 280 grit, does cut faster than stone (knows this as I have number of sharpening stones for years. Does not clog when re dressing the black plastic spudger with this.
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