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zxw alternative?

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  • zxw alternative?

    Hi all, im based in the UK, looking for alternative to ZXW that has full iphone 7 board view with components? ZXW doesnt have components or lines on, dont believe the Wu Xinji (not sure thats spelt right) does either struggling to find anything

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    All of these tools are based on the same thing---PADS---that "fell off a truck" in China. There is no secret fountain of information. Whatever falls off the truck is the only thing we have. There can be user-generated details that people overlay, such as zxw diode mode readings, and there are some things out there in plz bro land where someone takes a snapshot of a piece of the board and by hand laboriously label various bits based on the same schematics that everyone has. You won't find anything in one place that is unique.

    When working with the iPhone 7 intel board, you just use the qualcomm boardview and then estimate best guesses for the differences.