I added good tools to have for microsoldering:

Micro spring loaded scissors, it is very small scissors. For cutting jumper wire to length before installing, cutting solder wick, etc.
like this:




I use medical scalpel #3 handles (round handle is best) with #11 and #15 blades. I use #11 blade by the tip and tweezers to tweak the jumper wires into shape, cutting and holding jumper wire when resoldering, you really need the jumper wire tinned otherwise the BGA solder balls will not stick to these wires, I have seen this happen. I use #15 blade at very tip to do scraping off PCB mask to expose the copper.

I now always reball both replacement IC and reused ICs with leaded solder. I like thicker solder paste, I use safety razor as wiper on stencil.

Cheers, TVtechcellphone