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Amtech flux rippoff chineese maybe?

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  • Amtech flux rippoff chineese maybe?

    I purchased some AMTECH flux from ebay thinking it was the real deal but this crap turn to a heavy dark wax that will not allow soldering. Can I use lacquer thinner to clean off as IPA don't do shit.

    Anyone else have any experience with something like this. This can't be normal.

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    There are several different varieties of Amtech flux, and there are also many knockoffs on eBay. You can use acetone or MEK to clean boards in addition to isopropyl alcohol. I would just throw away bad flux and replace it.


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      I was going to say acetone also but i like lacquer thinner (not paint thinner) better, as acetone acts more like a paint stripper and leaves tiny particles undissolved but does remove paint ant gunk very well. On the other hand i remember cleaning auto parts years ago in some very aggressive lacquer thinner and a plastic oil fill cap completely dissolved in the tin bucket of Lacquer Thinners. I've used hundreds of gallons of lacquer thinner in the past due to the fact that I'm a CofQ holder or licenced autobody technician and licenced service technician, but specialize in custom cars and hot rods plus electric car and hydrogen conversions, almost everything I touch has to be upgraded or modified to my liking.
      Crap even if an iPhone has dents and scraps on the housing I have to re anodize it a custom color (longer process than just anodizing virgin aluminum).

      ANYWAYS BACK ON TOPIC, the reason I mentioned this is I'm cautious about using an aggressive solvent on the board in case there was something like the FPC connector, Battery connector or sim tray that might get destroyed by using an aggressive solvent like lacquer thinners or Acetone.

      I guess if you've used acetone on these boards in the past than I should be OK to go ahead and clean it with an aggressive solvent. But I'll test an old board first by submerging it in the solvent first just to be safe.

      I'll use your recommended links to rossmanngroup to purchase new flux as I,m assuming its a trusted source. I had some flux yellowish in a syringe that worked well for circuit boards but cant find it now.

      Thanks Again Jessa


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        I’m not sure about “submerge”. Typically we spot clean with qtip and alcohol.


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          Alcohol did not do anything.
          Lacquer Thinner and Toothbrush did the trick with a non-chlorinated spray of brake clean after to wash off residue.