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Handy tool for underfill

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  • Handy tool for underfill

    I started to use to tool for underfill, and I really like it.
    Side Glue Cleaner (007) (Qianli Series)
    curved tip blade, and slim enough to get between most components

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    That's the crescent one right? That's funny, that's the only new QianLi blade tool that we never loved. Maybe we should revisit it.

    Our pick for underfill removal from between chips is this one.!/Gold-...egory=34040042
    And after the chip is off, our pick for clearing the wide swatch of underfill on the bottom of the chip and board is this one.!/Ladys...le/p/133675064

    I know that you are about to do a NAND removal, so while we use the gold set of multiblades for removing underfill, we use the thinner jabe ones to lift up NAND (very straightforward, don't be scared. Just press down on the nand until you see solder squeezing out then sweep under and flip up.!/


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      Great Thank you for the tip with NAND.

      As for the blade, it is maybe a question of perspective. I used to use a #11 extacto blade to remove the underfill, (it is fairly hard to acquire good tools for microsoldering in Canada, In the east and Atlantic side anyways up until fairly recently) so for me it's a really nice change to have a tool that actually fits very well between components.
      One other thing I really like about the crescent shape is that I can keep the handle almost parallel with the board. This makes it easier because the microscope does not get in the way of the blade handle which is another big plus for me.