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  • Fume Extractor

    I'm looking to upgrade my fume extractor.
    I would like to keep it under $300 CAD, and I would prefer it to cost about $150. I will more then likely upgrade the extractor again in the future. For now it just needs to be better than the one I have.

    This is the one I'm using now, and it is very weak. Better than nothing, but not by much. The worst part is I can't even find replacement filters for it in Canada. Aoyue 486 benchtop solder smoke absorber. Good enough for a hobbyist, or when I just used to solder a few times a week.

    Now I almost only solder all day, every day, and I have staff to assemble, and disassembled,and to do routine jobs like screen replacement.

    The main things I want from my new fume extractor, is accessible replacement filters, and it being strong enough so that I can keep it 5 to 10 inches away for where I'm soldering and still pull at least some of the fumes away.

    The one I have, I need to have right next to where I'm working for it to pull the fumes, and it is very annoying to work with it.

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    The one I use costs something like $500 CAD. For the $150 price range, I would look into DIY fume extractors based on bathroom exhaust fans, stock ac ductwork and duct tape.