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Board holder, preheater

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  • Board holder, preheater

    Hello. Since im using pretty old microscope for most of the work, distance between the lens and the board has to be pretty small, so most of the time i keep the board on the table (on heat resistant mat) while i solder it. There are one main issue with that - heat resistant mat "puffs" up when heat is applied - it makes a bladder where i solder, so my board lifts up and gets out of the focus. I hope to solve this problem with a board holder. So far, i know people like omnivice, but its too big for me to use, since i wont have space to solder (space between the board and microscope lens). I might upgrade microscope soon, but still want to ask, what is your favorote board holders ? Also, interested in preheaters, since its a bad practice to do some works without that

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    You can use the sunshine preheater AS the board holder. Whenever you have equipment questions just check to see what we sell---those are our recommendations on everything.