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  • Microscope

    Any feedback on this microscope from UNION REPAIR Would it be up to the standard of the AmScope??

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    It's hard to say, it doesn't actually say what magnification it is. To be honest I'd probably go optical over digital, as I had a digital one before I got mine and probably used it once.

    id get this :

    and this : (just check the stand can fit that head)

    And it's still cheaper than that digital one.
    iv personally got one of those refurbished heads on an articulating boom stand and it's flawless.

    iv also got another microscope too, this one which is fine for general ic and component replacements.
    no good for long screw damage etc but I use it every day for general soldering and ic repmacemts as I don't have a Barlow lens on the zoom one so it has less working distance.


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      By the way if you get the second one either get the 10x lenses or buy one with the 10x and 20x lenses as the 20x lenses suck as the field of view is terrible. The 10x though are just fine for most repairs.

      Either that or get the first two and but a Barlow lens too (amscope also sell those), otherwise you can't fit your hot air station under it.


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        thanks for input


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          No problem


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            I would never recommend a usb style microscope. It is terrible for hand/eye coordination. Union Repair sells some great tools, but they don't do microsoldering, so many things they sell are not worthwhile for microsoldering and board repair. Nearly everyone doing board repair buys the same microscope--the simulfocal model from amscope or similar from union repair.


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              That's the head I have, it's bad ass. Iv got it attached to articulating boom stand so I can use the desk for other things too and use the scope off the bench for looking under chips. That head is on the amscope website super cheap in their referb section, both my head and stand are both amscope referb and arrive looking the same as brand new.


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                At present I have this model of AmScope


                I have it now for about 5 years

                It does not have Simul-Focal. It is however just has costly has the one you link to


                What does 3.5X-90X mean and the difference between it and 7X-45X

                What are the reasons you would prefer the one I have at present and the one you linked to



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                  The one you have is fine, no one like those cameras and without being simulfocal the camera function has little use anyway. The difference between 45x and 90x is just what it sounds like—2x magnification. You only need 90x for trace repair.
                  Your stand limits you, so I’d see what it would take to swap the stand for the double boom or articulating stand. I don’t know if that’s possible for that head so I’d call AMScope to find out.


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                    Thanks for you reply Jessa

                    the camera is no good for sure The quality is shocking on these cameras
                    Yes the stand restrict you to one area very much.

                    I like to get a good camera first and be able to use like your set up. You then could use it for taken videos

                    So would this mean I would have to use a simulfocal microscope like the one you link to and if so why?? Or is it possible to use one on my own

                    What I gather in the simulfocal you can use both eyes while in the one I have this is not the case

                    Sorry for so many questions I not know very little about microscope


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                      Simulfocal means you can use both eyes and the trinocular camera output at the same time.


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                        I looking a getting the microscope on your on your link


                        Not sure so far what stand to get A double boom or articulating stand.??

                        Also think of getting this camera


                        Jessa would you recommend this camera or another quality camera which could also be used for Youtube videos

                        Thank You
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                          The only recommendations we have are on our YT channel video descriptions or things on iPad Rehab Supply. We don’t recommend things we haven’t personally tried. Articulating stand vs double boom is a personal preference. I like the articulating stand, mark hates it.


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                            I like the articulating stand as it means you can move it out the way when done if you want to use the desk, it's also useful for things that won't fit on the desk or looking under ics with. The fixed stand is better in that it doesn't shake as much if knocked and tends to stay in focus easier but I still prefer the articulating stand. They are a lot more expensive though thah the fixed stands.


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                              Difficult to make a call on one when you have not tried them first