I was diagnosing loss of touch on an iphone8 plus motherboard and was getting trolled by iBridge when I decided to test the following against a KNOWN GOOD motherboard
Observed behaviour J5700 Display/touch header only(NOTE J5800 home button connector GND headers NOT affected)
Top/bottom GND J5700 headers thru iBridge
  1. Screen NOT connected - GND headers NOT connected
  2. With Screen connected - GND headers ARE Connected
(GND headers? see attachment)

Inconsistent behaviour with Known good motherboard on following J5700 pins only(see attachment)
third set of readings are taken directly off the motherboard's header - no iBridge connected.
I'm not sure about the no connect thru the ground headers though I haved noted this behaviour before when using the iBridge for the iphone 6 plus
BUT From the inconsitent readings I conclude it is NOT a good idea to test seated resistances thru iBridge with the screen connected (and better to take GND from somewhere else in the header)

Is this your experience using iBridge?

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