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Seek Compact Thermal Camera

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  • Seek Compact Thermal Camera

    Hello Jessa. Four years ago you made a you tube video How to find a short circuit ---Freeze spray for the Win - In it you used, amongst other things, a Flir One thermal camera to try and find the short circuit but in the end declared Freeze Spray the clear winner.

    More recently you added the Seek Compact Thermal camera to your online store. You said that you still use freeze spray but using this camera, with the custom macro lens you can find shorts so much quicker.

    I'm thinking specifically about shorts that
    1. Provide no visual clues
    2. Have no prior work to refer to
    3. Don't seem to produce any heat?

    Does having the Seek Compact camera enabled you to find shorts in the above situation to otherwise find shorts you could not have.
    If so then how do you in practice use this camera - by itself? along with freeze spray?

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    i almost never use freeze spray anymore. The Seek Compact Pro with Macro Lens is perfect for short detection, even with they produce no heat at all with only a few milliamp draw. The only time we use freeze spray is to show students that freeze spray is possible if the Seek Compact Pro is not affordable. To be clear---the expensive $800 thermal cameras are lower quality than the Seek Compact Pro with macro lens and more difficult to use---in comparison with those it is a toss up with freeze spray But the Seek Compact Pro with macro is a no brainer--every shop should have one.