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Known good Samsung S5s boot looping on DCPS

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  • Known good Samsung S5s boot looping on DCPS

    I've tried this with three known good S5 motherboards.
    I remember also trying this with 2 different DCPS and ended up returning two when I could get no joy.
    This model phone tends to draw decent amps(>1A) during it's boot sequence so Usually I set DCPS between 1.5 - 2A max current draw 3.8v - 4.0v
    I can't get these boards to at least complete a full boot sequence to the home screen.
    They boot to the splash screen, sometimes get as far as the pulsing Samsung logo but after that restart, restart, restart.
    Samsung S7s aren't much better. Tweaking the max current draw down from 2A to 1.8A got one known good S7 to at least boot to the swipe screen.
    What's your experience of getting Samsungs to complete a boot sequence on DCPS?

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    I don't work on Samsungs personally. The next time I connect with Mark I can ask him if he would mind commenting on these posts. Mark does all of our android data recovery.