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Squid Power Boot cables and iphone 8

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  • Squid Power Boot cables and iphone 8

    These are never good even at the best of times but recently I tried a variety including the sunshine and mechanic ones against 3 known good iPhone 8 motherboards. DC power supply was set to 4v max current 1.5A One of them managed to boot all the way to the home screen with the mechanic - the others kept bombing out. None booted reliably with the sunshine cable. What's your experience of these things with iPhone 8/ 8 plus?

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    We try them all and then sell the version that we describe at as “the least shitty of a shitty essential product”. If I feel that an X or higher model seems to have a normal boot current signature-ish on DC power then I use a new charged battery when I’m trying to boot it. It used to be super unreliable but with todays cables it is less common to get one that boots on battery but not dc. If you are working on one board over and over then the battery connector (also terrible design) will widen and degrade so that the squid will become a poor fit over time and be erratic.