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Easy Draw

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  • eDigitCom
    I not like the way the board layout and Schematics are done. You need to have the board layout and the schematics open at the same time

    With this application when you open a board layout and then then open its Schematics the board layout closes so you have to open it again and start from the begining

    Has far has I can see you cannot just switch between one and the other which to debug faults you would need to have both open at the same time

    I did like the way you could rotate the board Vertically and Horizontally This feature is not in ZXW. I like it it better if it could rotate the board by steps 45 degrees in a cycle (360 degrees)

    There is bugs in it and one that is troubling a lot of people your ad-virus detects a virus in it every-time it opens. With me scanning for one I not find any .

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  • eDigitCom
    started a topic Easy Draw

    Easy Draw

    Easy Draw is an alternative application for ZXW

    There is a 5 days trial

    From Union Repair

    *Promotion price at $59
    *No need for dongle anymore, works with user name & password
    *English Interface
    *5 days free trial
    *More frequent diagrams updates
    *More stable and better server

    Link to buy:

    There is a link out there to download it for free but maybe virus so not putting it here

    Feedback on it would be great on this. There is some great errors explained which are not on ZXW and also got Schematics

    Some image of it attached